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Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionise Our Lives

The technology behind bitcoin, Blockchain looks like it will go mainstream and transform many areas of our lives. Let’s fill in the gaps if you’re not familiar with Blockchain or its origin. The 2008 banking crisis which led to the mistrust in banks and…

Business Anthropology

Why You Absolutely Need Business Anthropology

You may have heard of anthropology. This is the study of humans, past and present, and their cultures. But I bet you have never heard of business anthropology. Business anthropologists do several things, one is to come up with customer insights that big data…

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Security Features

The Secret Security Features Hiding In Plain Sight

There are a whole host of secret security features employed by everything from casinos to shopping centres and most of these you never even realised were there. When it comes to security features in shops or public spaces you’d be forgiven for thinking all that’s…

Rocket Sales

Nudge Theory Could Be The Easiest Way To Rocket Sales

Wouldn’t it be great if by making a very small and easy change in the way your business does things you could sell more products or make customers happier? The answer is nudge theory. To understand nudge theory you need to understand two very…

The Ikea Effect

What Is The Ikea Effect?

Turns out there is a lot of psychology going on at Ikea so much so it’s been called The Ikea Effect. It’s making them million of pounds a year, so what are they doing and how can you apply it to your business? If…

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