This Week’s Business Podcast 166: How To Be Really Productive, Are Tough Times Ahead? Google’s Secret Payment, What Are Like Attacks? Buckingham Palace in 3D

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How To Be Really Productive, Are Tough Times Ahead? Google’s Secret Payment, What Are Like Attacks? and Buckingham Palace in 3D

Also Available on iTunes.Business Podcast - Grace Marshall - How to be really productiveIf you never get to the end of your list of jobs, help is at hand. We speak with Grace Marshall, author of a new book called ‘How to Be Really Productive’.

Does news of bad news make the bad news worse? We’re talking about the media reports that businesses will be facing tougher times as the world economy goes through yet another shake-up. We hear what company bosses can do about it from Russell Bowyer who is a serial entrepreneur and owner of Business Consultants Bowraven.

From the Tech Desk, Josh Alex reveals that Google paid Apple £750 million to provide their search engine to iOS users and he has details of Buckingham Palace’s 3D virtual tours.

Plus, how Facebook is encouraging you to become an armchair warrior and use ‘Like Attacks’ against the so-called Islamic State and other extremist groups.

How to Be Really Productive‘ by Grace Marshall is available from Amazon and other good book sellers.

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