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Avoid Doing Any Admin Ever Again

Avoid Doing Any Admin Ever Again Transcript Alan Coote (AC) Have you ever turned up late or worse still missed a meeting because you forgot about it? That’s a sign too that you need to let someone else do the organising of your schedule….

Sleeping Can May You Happy

Happiness linked to number of hours sleep

Author: Alan Coote Happiness linked to number of hours sleep It’s no secret that not having enough sleep can affect your mood the next day. It also turns out that having too much sleep can also put you in a bad mood. The data…

Let's Talk Business Pay Gap

How Women Can Close the Gender Pay Gap

Author: Alan Coote Researchers say meetings are better with coffee. Researchers have looked into the reasons behind the gender pay gap and conclude that woman can help themselves by becoming better negotiators. According to a recent Eurostat study women earn around 20 percent less…

Smart Development Solutions

Video: Helping Students Make Better Career Choices

Helping Students Better Careers Choices – Destination Education – Elaine Plested.  Destination Education is part of Smart Development Solutions who work with school students in year 8 upwards to help them make the right career choice and to build their confidence as they prepare…