Let’s Talk Business 198: The Top 10 Disruptive Business Models, Starting a Social Enterprises, More From John Lee Dumas

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On this week’s Let’s Talk Business: The Top 10 Disruptive Business Models, Starting a Social Enterprise, More From John Lee Dumas

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John Lee Dumas - Let's Talk Business

Social enterprises now make up 15% of Britain’s small firms, but what exactly are they and how do they operate? We’ll be chatting to social enterprise owner, Des Day, who puts 50% of his company’s profits back into good causes.  We’ll also be speaking to the head of the Social Enterprise Mark organisation.  Best described as a fairtrade style mark for social enterprises, what does this accreditation mean for companies and their customers?

We have the concluding part of our chat with John Lee Dumas – one of the world’s top business podcasters. He makes millions a year. How do I know that? He publishes his monthly income on his website. We’ll find out if he is just showing off, but more importantly how he makes his money.

We also look at some highly disruptive business models used by the likes of Netflix, Uber and Amazon that allowed them to completely change the landscape of their industries. Understanding the disruptive trends and business models will help you become the next big thing.

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