Let’s Talk Business 200: How To Get Your Business Investment Ready, London Zoo’s Tricks, Adult Screen Time’s Up

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On this week’s Let’s Talk Business: How To Get Your Business Investment Ready, London Zoo’s Human Behaviour Tricks, Adult Screen Time’s Up – Good News For Businesses

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Max Chmyshuk

New data shows 1 in 5 businesses obtain a loan from outside the 4 big banks. We talk to Max Chmyshuk of private firm Fleximize, who lend anything up to £1 million, about this phenomenon. Is it just about getting easy money?

Talking of obtaining financial help to get your business going, we chat to ‎Bill Morrow the head of one of our country’s leading Angel Investment networks to find out what makes a great idea and is pitching it as bad as being on Dragons’ Den?

London Zoo have developed techniques to nudge visitors into buying the obligatory family photo. There are several lessons which almost all businesses can learn and as we see, there’s much more to this than meets the eye.

Turns out London Zoo's know a lot about human behaviour. #BehaviouralScience Click To Tweet

In this week’s business insight, we discover that people are spending more and more time in front of mobile devices and TV screens. So how can business owners take advantage of this?

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