Let’s Talk Business 201: How to Create the Perfect Customer Experience, How Small Business can use Big Data, How Smart Are Smart Cities?

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On this week’s Let’s Talk Business: How to Create the Perfect Customer Experience, How Small Business can use Big Data and How Smart Are Smart Cities?

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Alan Pennington

It’s not enough to have great customer service, businesses need to consider the whole customer experience. We speak to Alan Pennington author the of a new book called, ‘The Customer Experience Book‘, which is aimed at helping businesses shift their thinking and become more customer-focused.

Businesses of all sizes are turning to the services of private investigators but why – what are they up to? We have a fascinating chat with a private eye and see what they’re up to.

With the ever-increasing quantity of data at our fingertips it’s crazy that we’re not making the most of it. From start-ups to multinationals, all types of business can benefit from analysing data and generating insights that help them reach their goals. We will look at a few of the real-world examples and find out why data analytics is such an important tool.

By some estimates 1 in 7 of us will be living in a smart city in the next 10 years. But what exactly is a smart city and how will it benefit us?

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