Let’s Talk Business 202: Fly by Private Jet Using Empty Legs, 6 x Boost Marketing Tip, What is a Social Business?

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On this week’s Let’s Talk Business: Fly by Private Jet Using Empty Legs, 6 X Boost Marketing Tip, What is a Social Business?

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Carol Cork - Adam-Twidell - Private Fly

How do you fancy flying all over the world by private jet? Carol Cork and Adam Twidell, the co-founders of Private Fly, are leading the way in opening this exclusive type of travel to most people by using what are called empty legs.

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We know that customers are less loyal than they once were, so is there a case for engaging with them in a different way? Should they be directly involved in internal aspects of running your business? That’s the premise of what is being called the ‘Social Business’.

In this week’s business insight Josh Alex discovers there’s an easy way to generate six times the number of sales through your email marketing and he tells us just how to do it.

Even though two thirds of customer service enquiries are now online, a new report suggests we would get a quicker and more accurate answer by using the phone. We reveal what’s going on.

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