Let’s Talk Business 203: Inside the UK Government’s Nudge Unit, Marketing Lessons from the Beatles

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On this week’s Let’s Talk Business: We discover what the UK Government’s Behavioural Science Team Are Up To and Marketing Lessons from the Beatles

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David Halpern

The government has a team of human behavioural scientists working inside what is known affectionately as the nudge unit. They’re responsible for getting businesses and the public to respond in a certain way to government initiatives. Is this a clever use of psychology to get us to do the right thing or is there something more underhand? We speak to David Halpern, Chief Executive of the government’s Behavioural Insights Team and author of ‘Inside the Nudge Unit’ to find out what they’re doing.

Type any product name followed by the word ‘replica’ into an online search engine and up will pop 100s of copies of that product. In fact, you’ll find replicas of just about every product you can imagine online.

We speak to David Walker from Grid Law a legal expert who explains how some businesses are leaving themselves open to having their brand copied. He also shares the simple steps to take to protect your brand.

In this week’s business insight; we can obviously learn a lot about music from The Beatles. It turns out we can learn a few very clever business tricks from them as well.

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