Let’s Talk Business – T&Cs Update October 2015

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Let's Talk BusinessTo enable us to better support radio stations and help raise awareness with local and national businesses, we have reviewed our Terms and Conditions.

Starting from November 20th 2105 it will become a requirement to have one or more links (backlink URLS) from your station’s website to the Let’s Talk Business home page http://www.LetsTalkBusinessOnline.com

This can easily be achieved,  by either putting links in your On-Air Schedule Page, our Logo and links in your Supporter’s Section, or links in the Presenter’s Page.

You can follow the excellent example of Manchester Business Radio and create a dedicated page, (See copy and images below).

Get the presenter biog’s here

The Programme Synopsis

Let’s Talk Business is the world’s leading independent weekly business radio programme especially for current and future entrepreneurs. Produced by a team of former BBC and independent broadcasters, the programme is packed full of tips and advice from some of the country’s leading entrepreneurs. If you miss a show check out the Let’s Talk Business website. Use Twitter to follow the show’s producer @TheAlanCoote.”

Download the Programme’s Logo

Download the Full Station Information Pack here


  • Q: Why the change?
  • A: We need to provide contributors and supporters with more accurate data of the station airing Let’s Talk Business and Elements.
  • Q: We air Let’s Talk Business, isn’t that enough?
  • A: By providing links to our site we can use our web traffic stats’ along with social media indicators to determine overall levels of engagement.
  • Q: If there isn’t any traffic from our site will you stop sending us Let’s Talk Business?
  • A: No. There are no plans to remove stations from the distribution list while links to our home page exist.
  • Q: What are the technical considerations?
  • A: The link(s) to http://www.LetsTalkBusinessOnline.com must be navigable by human visitors to your station’s website home page.
  • Q: What if I don’t air every episode of Let’s Talk Business?
  • A: Of course we understand schedules change. The web links monitoring system is automated, so to avoid missing shows we highly recommend prominent permanent links.
  • Q: What happens if I don’t have links to the Let’s Talk Business website by the deadline?
  • A: We carried out a survey during the Summer which indicated very few, if any stations would have an issue. If this is likely, please talk to us.
  • Q: Do you monitor the backlinks?
  • A: Yes, the process is automated and synchronised with the distribution list.
  • Q: If my station’s website changes do I need to tell you?
  • A: If you keep the same pages live and navigable by humans from your home page then no. Alternatively just send us the new page(s) URL.
  • Q: We Retweet @LTBShow Tweets does that count?
  • A: We absolutely love Retweets this really helps, and we will always try to retweet you, so please make sure we have your Twitter Address. The Backlinks are still required as a minimum requirement though.
  • Q: What if I only use Let’s Talk Business Elements?
  • A: Let’s Talk Business Elements are currently distributed to selected stations who already provide excellent backlinks.
  • Q: How does this apply to non UK radio stations?
  • A: The above applies equally to all stations.
  • Q: How does this apply to 3rd Party Distributors?
  • A: The above applies equally to all end user stations. Agreed 3rd Party Distributors must take all reasonable efforts to ensure end user stations register their backlinks with us.
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