Meet the Team

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Alan Coote ImageAlan Coote is the Presenter and Executive Producer of Let’s Talk Business. His job is to open his mouth in synchronism with his brain, a task which he finds surprisingly difficult sometimes. He started his professional broadcasting career on the BBC before working freelance at a number of independent stations. Alan was the founder of The Bay Radio in the south of England. He has also had a very successful career outside of broadcasting, helping entrepreneurs start up and grow their business. Alan developed Evo’ as part of the Lean Start up movement which has been used by thousands of large and small businesses around the world.




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Josh Alex is a Content Producer and is the Technology Presenter on Let’s Talk Business. The former role actually means ‘Jack of all Trades’ so you’ll find him working on the Website (any typos are his fault) as well as Let’s Talk Business Online and TV Video Productions. He’s been credited for filming and editing Let’s Talk Business TV shows and is working on a new TV documentary set for broadcast in 2016. Josh joined the production company in 2013 after completing an apprenticeship in IT and Video Production. Josh is the Editor of He is a very accomplished badminton player and in his spare time enjoys working on his own filming projects.



Sean Burns - Let's Talk BusinessSean Burns is the Editor of Let’s Talk Business. His role is to make sure that what goes on air make sense and runs to time. Not an easy task. Thankfully he has a Master’s Degree in Radio Production so his keen ears are invaluable to make sure nothing slips through that shouldn’t. Sean also lectures post graduates students in radio production as well as being a independent copywriter whose work can be heard on many a good radio and TV station.


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